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Where has my post gone

Making moves

A few days ago posted issue viewing (in fact it was a reply to another member having same issue)

Now I find my posts and original post is no longer there

Can anyone enlighten me as to why no longer there or are staff here not liking when someone states an issue with their browser ?

Thank you


Making moves

I have the same question. I cannot find my old posts as there appears to be no option to see them in your own profile, despite that it says you have N posts. This sucks.

Making moves

Searching via my Author name instead of topic it tells me no posts yet have badges ... really strange.

Wonder if any other members have had their posts removed ?

Making moves

Similar problem here:

I can find my posts (12-12-2023 and 01-23-2024) in
(Idea Exchange - Ideas)
But not in / nor in
- Search all content
-  (shows "0 Ideas submitted"!!??)

My posts are not removed but "invisible".
Why are my posts invisible!?

Do I need to push a "Submit" button somewhere on my "recently" created Ideas-posts??

Please Help