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When will Mozilla fix Firefox 116.0.2?

Making moves

after updating from 115 to 116 links on some websites 404; some pages load blank; some plugins stop working. went back to the same pages where these errors happen with version 115 and there are no errors.


Making moves

I came just to say the exact same thing.  It's BS to waste so much time and effort on tyco-lego-candy crap new features, when the core is still unstable af.

Making moves

My Windows 11 PC updated to 116.0.1 and subsequently to 116.0.2 but I'm still having issues. Having spent hours researching solutions and trying to fix it following advice left for myself and others I'm giving up. Like you I'm experiencing errors on pages that previously had no issues in 115, yet in Chrome and Edge they do not present a problem. So guess what - I'm switching to a new browser.