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When choosing Restore Previous Session windows are tiled

Making moves

Hi all

My configuration: M1 MacBook Air, Ventura 13.6

I recently upgraded FF to 119.0 and new stuff has changed the wrong way again.

Previously, when choosing Restore Previous Session, not only the windows and tabs would be reloaded but they would be displayed with the same dimensions and at the same place. So one would find the previous session exactly as it used to be. Now the windows are all the same size, about half the height of the screen, and tiled. The hidden windows are now displayed. I have to resize and relocate each one. It's extremely annoying.

Is it another surrender to Apple's specs, like the Window menu sorted in alphabetical order?

Each time I upgrade FF I wonder what feature has gone down the drain and I regret I did. I probably should never upgrade again.

So what's next?

BTW there is one thing that hasn't changed in decades and yet that's a bare-bone feature and that deserves some improvement: the Library.