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Making moves

I clicked a link that said "Feedback" and it took me here.  It did not say "Discussion".  So I guess Feedback number one is that something is wrong with the link or with Mozilla's concept of feedback.

The Feedback that I wanted to give was in regards to editing PDFs within FireFox.  This morning a tab appeared saying I could now do this and it had a "Try it now" button.  I have a PDF editor, but my demands are low and I would be happy to dump it in favor of editing PDFs within FireFox.  So I clicked the button.  It caused a PDF to be downloaded.  I do this all of the time, so nothing is new here.  So how do I edit it?  (Please note: this is a rhetorical question.  I am leaving feedback, not asking for help.  I'll probably just stick with my current PDF editor which works simply and intuitively.)

My first thought was that there would be a menu selection when I clicked the download progress icon.  Nope.  I looked around on the announcement tab and found nothing of use.  I clicked the release notes link, but found no information there.  So I clicked the feedback link on that page and here I am.

I am not psychic and have already spent more time on this than I should have.  Sounds like a great addition if it is ever actually made available to the public.



Yes, it's not going to be obvious to everyone what the text tool is.