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Weird scruntched text on Facebook here and there

Making moves

So I was using Opera, Opera kept being weird so I thought it was high time I returned to the Firefox fold.  SO all has been going mostly well but I'm an avid Facebook user (family and friends are there so don't judge me). 

What I'm seeing on quite a few posts from folks are these really badly formatted texts ... see the image below.  I've tried to correct them from looking over the font area in Firefox but it's not that. 

I've looked these posts over using Opera and Edge and no issues there so not sure what's going on. 

I was under the impression that Firefox is based off of Chrome.  One of my friends on Fb suggested that I switch to Chrome since she's using it and one of her posts is what you see below.  I told her I didn't like how Chrome worked or how one can personalize it as it's too limiting so I don't want to do that. 

Of course this is a screen grab but when hovering over the text on Fb the indentation of the lines are all overlapping.  So not sure what to do here. 

Scruntched TextScruntched Text