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Website page slows and crashes firefox

Making moves

Trying to buy car insurance on Allianz website, everything fine until reaching payment page. Firefox starts to slow down. OTP received from bank. Need to wait for box to become active to enter OTP. Very slow to accept input digits. Next option to "verify" very slow to appear, then impossible to create effective click on "verify". Tried this numerous times and checked firefox status on Task Manager; Firefox gobbling memory right up to 98%. Tried same procedure on another laptop - same result. First laptop is latest DELL model running win 11, second laptop older Sony running Win 10. When Win 11 laptop left to see what would happen it eventually created a crash report which was sent. All systems and software kept up to date and virus checking continuous. Following email from Allianz insurance, I used exactly same procedure on Microsoft Edge browser and task completed with no trouble. I have used firefox many times for purchasing where similar web pages have completed without problem. I have reported this to Allianz. I am not a wizard at digging into these things! But it seems there is some conflict with firefox and Alianz payment procedure.