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v119.0 cpu / gpu spikes

Making moves

Hi all,

Since updated to v119.0 I have been noticing quite a lot of freezes.

I tried to find a pattern but couldn't, sometimes it spikes 100% Cpu others 100% GPU Video Decoder. Both happens in different websites, with our without uBlock on.
The 100% Cpu it happens only in one core while the others are "normal", only firefox running, win10 cpu 4/8 3.0GHz, 16Gb Ram, R9 270 

This started straight after upgrading to v119.0, is there anyone having similar issues?


Making moves

Not only from v119.0, but already for a while, I'm having the problem that Firefox is using loads of CPU power and the fan of the laptop runs at full speed, although Firefox is in the background and I'm not using it but working with other applications.