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v111 rendered my default profile impossible to use

Making moves

I'm a long time user of ff, and I was already sad to have to abandon its use on android about a year or two ago, but I think v111 is forcing me to move to another browser on my computer as well. I understand this isn't very constructive but hey, I've been a long time supporter, and I really think that adding features is not the way to go, Mozilla should not try to sell this free software.. rather make it leaner and better able to perform as a web browser than .. "edit pdfs" .. really ?


Making moves

v111 seems to have big issues with the startup cache. After installation it launches once and the next time i try to launch firefox it just crashes. You have to manualy clear the startup cache every time - hope they fix it soon.

Making moves

Version 111.0 has been a disaster never seen before on Firefox.
Firefox gets always stuck at startup on Windows 10. Task Manager shows error "Not responding" on the third process of Firefox.
When you end the task in Task Manager, you get sometimes (but not always) Firefox running by clicking on an URL in an email.
I spent today a lot of hours trying to find a work around. I lost also my profile but got it back by editing the ini-files.
I hope a fix to this serious bug is made fast!
I am seriously considering to stop using Firefox. 😫