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Updating firefox from 120 to 122

Making moves

or installing 122 for reparation is a cause for deletion the saved data on firefox. Also is a cause for pc displaying troubles it persists few moment. Also causes restoring firefox settings by default. It notified me to update so then normally that was done. That was not 123 but 122 unselectedly.


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Have same problem. Unable to login to an account since update 122.

I can login on Chrome but not with FIREFOX. Pity really seeing as have been using Firefox for a very very long time.

A message in the centre of an otherwise empty grey screen appears that says "unable to load, try again later." Thing is I've done everything Firefox troubleshoot suggested. It's taken me ages to get this far to write here.

In fact I remember all the websites I read before were fine until 122 update. Then on the safest websites such as e.g. BBC News, a message appeared saying it was not a safe site. But then accessing advanced and agreeing to take the risk meant that BBC News loaded. I had to do this over and over again for sites I'd had no problems with for decades.

Making moves may be related.

Then have looked about:profiles page for solution found previous firefox but

it will not launch my profile instead a message popups ''Using an older version of Firefox can corrupt...'' so is there mine but can not able to lauch on 122 then.