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Making moves

Why do you need to make so many updates to Thunderbird.  It seems that just about every time I log on I have to load an update.  What the hell are you always changing and if your software needs that many changes maybe I should investigate using other software!


Making moves

Have the same issue (win7) except that in addition to endless update requests (almost every time i start up), even when it 'About' shows it is already up to date.

It is enough to want to switch to another program.


Some information will be needed to diagnose your problem. 

1. Do Settings > General > type "config" into the search
2. open Config Editor
3. Search for "app.update.log" and set it to "true".
4. Restart Thunderbird.
5. Do Help > About
6. Open Tools > Developer Tools > Error Console
7. Type AUS into the filter at the top
8. Please copy/paste everything starting with "AUS:"


Wayne, Community Manager, Thunderbird

Making moves

I love the updates. The program looks so fresh and is so much easier to use now! Thanks

Making moves

I don't see anyone responding/answering this question. Why is Thunderbird needing a major download/update every week or two?

Familiar face

This thread rather interesting.  No one wants to use old outdated software because of the security risks,   but for some reason there is resistance to the 4 weekly updates for security and stability. Each release comes with release notes explaining what has changed,  and each security and stability release comes with links to this database of security issues


Before anyone goes "that is a lot of security issues",  just keep in mind that the CVE numbers issued to these things are number issued regardless of the vendor and they all have them.  This link is to recent Microsoft CVE numbers.  The issue is not how many,  but what the companies involved do with the information.

Or is the updates post 102 release to fix bugs found post release before it was offered for upgrade to existing users? There have been a couple of those.  Again, that is a sign of a product that is being actively maintained and having issues fixed.



Making moves

I am experiencing this too.  Everyday, when I first activate Thunderbird I get prompted to download an update, even if I haven't restarted it, and even if I am running the latest version.

  • Version 102.2.2 (64-bit)
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Version 21H1
  • Build 19043.1889
  • Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0

Making moves

I fully agree. Emails are downloaded twice or three times, even weeks or months ago. Passwords are lost and need to be reentered after every single update. It really is a mess and a nightmare. Also thinking about changing to another email client.