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Updated Thunderbird

Making moves

I agree with the comments already posted about the updated Thunderbird version. I absolutely hate it and it is so time consuming trying to find the functions that were always easy to find and carry out. Why on earth can`t things be left alone. You know the saying,,, "If it is not broken don`t fix it". How can I restore back to the previous Thunderbird platform?


Making moves

There MUST be a way to restore the layout!

Making moves

Absolutely HATE the new T-bird! It looks like a chaotic mess, won't download my new emails, and is confusing. Please, Mozilla , FIX it!

Making moves

The more I use it the more I hate about it.  Please Mozilla give us back the layout of the Linux 113.x.x series Tbird!  It is deplorable that you gave us this trash to use.  There may be some improvements under the hood, but the GUI is clunky illogical.  113 layout was a better product.