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Update color picker widget on windows

Making moves

Posting this here instead of ideas because it's half a question and a solution may already exist and I just haven't found it.

The fact the default color picker using firefox on windows is the 90s paint color picker is driving me up the walls and I can't find any extension or software to replace it and fix it.

I don't understand why firefox defaults to that version of the color picker either. I'm running win11, not even paint uses a color picker without hex codes anymore!

I don't even care about the aesthetics, but a color picker without a hex code input is useless and it's so inconvenient it's seriously making me consider go back to chr*me 🥴

If there is any way to fix this feature please do correct me!


Making moves

im having the same problem !! i tried downloading PowerToys which gives a native color picker tool to windows, but it didnt change anything so i feel it has to be something about what firefox is calling when i click the color selector 😞 also it didnt always do this - i noticed it the most with editing theme colors on my tumblr account, because tumblr has a color selector it used to let me use but then it started to default to the 90s one but i dont remember when it did that. its making me crazy! i might just have to use chrome for color stuff because there not being a hex code input makes everything so hard.

edit: im also running win11, maybe its only for win11 so not as many people are having the issue?

I'm having this problem with tumblr specifically as well!! The only workaround for this I've found is just editing the colors from the customize page, even if you don't use a theme you can edit the dash layout from that page!