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Update broke the video on Youtube.

Making moves

What update version will fix the Youtube problem of not playing video....I have been declining to update since it broke youtube....I had to go back and restore to an earlier version....and that cost me much time and grief.....why don't you try to check out the latest release before you feed it to the auto update me know when you get it fixed.


Making moves

literally same. I had forgot a few months back that their newest version [post 89] ruined the scroll function with x-button mouse controller, but now the current up to date version not only breaks x-button but it ALSO breaks youtube making youtube type at the speed of molasses when trying to comment and also ENORMOUS lag for videos freezing and stopping. it's so fkn annoying

Making moves

When I'm watching YouTube, FireFox will initiate an update (without permission). Then it stops, and tells me it's updating and I must agree to continue. (No choice!) When it updates, my que of pending videos is gone; and History/Restore previous session is unavailable; it's greyed out.

Could you please make it save the YouTube playlist when updating, or at least not initiate an update without permission?