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Underlined Links New in 119.0

Making moves

My links are UNDERLINED in this new 119.0 64K. No way to turn that off.  Don't like that. Please fix.


Making moves

Agreed, the arrogance of this update regarding link underline is beyond belief 

Making moves

If this enforced underlined links are not removed immediately I quit!
Not even possible to opt out

Making moves

Why?  The first thing I do when  setting up Firefox is to turn off the underline to hyperlinks.  If I can't do that I might as well move to another browser.

Making moves

I agree, this was either oversite or a bad decision.

Making moves

Wake up Moz: fix the hiperlink underline switch ASAP.

Making moves

I submitted a few days ago, no response yet. In fairness, it's a cosmetic issue and arguably not critical, but I agree it's a nuisance - as I stated in that report, it creates unnecessary visual noise. I completely understand some users may wish to have links underlined but the option to choose was always there so why not leave it in? Either it was removed deliberately for some unknown reason or it's an oversight.

Edit: If you want to help, you can vote on the issue to raise awareness.

Edit 2: This topic duplicates

Making moves

FYI, my report was closed as 'won't fix'. So I've had to work around it via userContent.css. A bit a of a nuisance to do this for something that was previously a feature, but c'est la vie.


Mozilla arrogance does one "work around it via userContent.css". Saw another post about using an extension called Stylus, with absolutely no explanation how to do it.