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Trouble opening images and links on Facebook

Making moves

A recent problem opening images and links on Facebook.  This only happens usinge Firefox and not with other browsers.  Computer has been to the shop 3 times and they are unable to find the issue,  Their only solution is for me to use Chrome or Edge and I don't want to use those.



Does Firefox display any error messages when you try to open links or view images on Facebook?

Do you use any add-ons that affect Facebook (such as Facebook Container) or images?

You may want to post this problem on the Mozilla Support site. They have a team of support volunteers to troubleshoot malfunctions with your currently installed version of Firefox, while this site is focused on idea submissions for future versions of Firefox (looking ahead anywhere from 8 weeks to many months). Here's a link to the new question form (for Windows/Mac/Linux):

Making moves

Thanks for your reply.  No error displayed - just an empty space where the image should be ... sometimes a verbal description of the image.  I have no add ons.  A few weeks ago I couldn't get on the internet at all so I went to professionals who wiped my hard drive and reinstalled everything.  The problem started at this time.  I've been back to them 3 times and they cannot find the issue.