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Translation of web pages with "Firefox Translations" extension

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I saw that you had finally decided to create a web page tradition module yourself. It was time, for all these years that we asked you !!!

Concerning me, I refuse to use plugins not created by you for security reasons...

After testing your "Firefox Translations" extension, I have the following remarks for you :

a) This extension should be provided as standard with Firefox without the need for an additional download.

b) The translate button that you propose at the top of the browser page is very poorly placed and not at all practical to use. You would have to offer the translation via a right-click, as Chrome and Chromium do.

c) The quality of the translation is still too irrelevant for the moment.

For these reasons, I won't go back to Firefox for now. This even though I was a 100% Netscape and then Firefox user in the past...

Hope you read this comment and do what it takes to make Firefox our favorite browser again.

I hope you will do this quickly, because the birth of Firefox Translations took too long and with a multilanguage web as it is, using Firefox has become very painful for a non-English speaking and non-polyglot person.

Best regards.









Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for this feedback @phil995511! Will pass it along to the Firefox Translations team. In the meantime, do you mind sharing why the quality of translations are still too irrelevant? Are they inaccurate or just not available in enough languages? Just want to make sure we better understand the feedback 😀

Making moves


Hello, the translation quality from English to French was poor but it has recently been updated and it works much better.

It is missing still a lot of languages like Japanese for example.

The most annoying thing is not being able to get the translation menu by right clicking, but having to go up with the pointer of the mouse at the top of the navigation window for this.

On Windows it's also too complicated to manually check if there are updates available for Firefox. We must go to the application menu > Help > About Firefox. There it would also be necessary, for example, to be able to use the right button of the mouse to check their availability, to have direct access to this function without going through sub-menus...

As Google Chrome increasingly renders ad blockers ineffective on Youtube, I replaced it with Firefox to play video content on Linux. For standard navigation, I remain faithful for the moment to Chromium, Firefox must still improve if it wants me to use it too fot this.


Making moves

When do the "Firefox Translations" extension support Chinese?

just use TWP. way better. TWP - Translate Web Pages

further more, I'd say don't count on them for such tings.


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I like the translation extension, but the other day I used it in my email for a Spanish post and it changed not just the Spanish text but it also attempted to change my folder listings in my sidebar menu. For example, "eBay" became "and bay" and "New Folder" became "New **bleep**ing" . Maybe some tweaking is required here.

Making moves

"a) This extension should be provided as standard with Firefox without the need for an additional download."


I'm sorry, but it is absurd to think that someone can't simply add or remove an extension and easily customize their browser in such a way that works for them considering their daily workflow...  Is it that you simply don't care what other users want as long as you get what you want?  I'm seriously curious what you think about the recent changes made and implemented in the last update...  Do you like that fact that now some 11 months later that they took your suggestion seriously and now millions of users are stuck with this garbage that they don't want because Mozilla forced it upon them with no obvious means to get rid of it?

To Mozilla:

Apparently Mozilla believes that other people exist for them to exploit as they see fit, as they force changes upon them that they themselves think would be best for everyone.  And then they solicit 'donations' from these same people.  For me, this entirely inconsiderate and purely self-centered move on the part of Mozilla has cost me far too much time today and completely disrupted my workflow.  I will not get done all that was required today...  I would like very much for Mozilla to give me back every penny that I have donated to them over the past 20ish years because I do not donate to any group that utilizes fascistic practices as you have now been doing for about the last 8 years...  I am done with you very unsophisticated kids at Mozilla.  It is clear that you believe that you, what you want and your activism is more important than what any of your users need to be able to properly integrate your product into their workflow.

This is utterly absurd.