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Totally change Firefox UI like Arc Browser

Making moves

Hello Firefox developers,

I have been trying ARC browser intensively these past few days and I loved everything about it, except the ressources heavy problems with Chromium .

I wish Firefox would develop a similar UI interface (tabs on left, Spaces linked with Containers, Split View made easy, etc…)

if you decide to create this UI similar to Arc, I will gladly donate again, as I already done earlier because I love how fast and secure Firefox is !

Thanks a lot !!


Making moves

huge thumbs up on this! i've been using firefox forever, i gave arc a try once and fell in love. it feels like a next level browser. mozilla should have done this to firefox ages ago. my heart is bleeding cause i love firefox and mozilla so much but arc is just miles ahead at this point 😞

Making moves

I came here to say this.

I've been using Arc for a couple of months, is good. Vertical tabs, bookmarks as pages, spaces, boosts, ctrl+t to do anything, clean interface. I would like to come back to Firefox, and I might because of its focus on privacy, but Arc really works with my workflow.

Familiar face

Having used Vivaldi and Edge ( other than Firefox ) but not Arc ( only have seen reviews about it ), what it is that makes it special when compared to these other browsers given that :

  • Vivaldi, Opera and Edge have workspaces and Firefox can make use of 2 tab grouping addons to have similar functionality to Vivaldi's tab stacks and workspaces ( which correspond to Arc's folders and spaces usage concepts ) .
  • What about and greasyfork, openuserjs and the like to install and share styles and scripts, are Arc's boosts better than the previous flow ?

FF has container ( tabs ) and Arc's containers are better in any way, if so how ?

For split view, I don't know if there are addons for that .

Just curious to this new browser, I'd be interested to know about potentially useful features . Thanks .