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Making moves

What's happening ? From time to time, Firefox randomly opens with advertisements from different manufacturers. If this continues, I'll switch to Chrome.😖


Making moves

you should check your pc for malware.

Making moves

Yeah that's right, You should check your PC for malware. If you don't do it, maybe the advertisement will be back to hunt you in chrome.

From my experience, the emergence of randomly advertisements in your browser is because an or some adware accidentally installed in your computer. In Windows 10, you should check Settings > Apps, look for any software with weird name installed in your system, and then uninstall those.

If you can't find any software with weird name in the Settings > Apps, you can do a full malware scan with Windows Defender, or you can install any free Adware Cleaner Solution to scan your system.

The last, maybe there is an adware's add-on installed in your browser.