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Thunderbird Zoom problem

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Am currently using Thunderbird on v115.3.1.  For a couple of versions at least, attempting to zoom the text of an incoming mail using Ctrl/+ does nothing until I zoom once using the View menu, then Ctrl/+ works for subsequent zooms.


Edit:  I have found that the Ctrl/+ will start working just by opening and closing the View menu without even selecting Zoom from there.


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I'm running v115.4.1 for Linux and have the same problem. Tried what you mentioned in your edit (just clicking on view menu) and it starts working, too. Ctrl+scroll works and after doing that, the keyboard shortcut starts working also.


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I have also raised this on Bugzilla, but there has been no response so far.

This issue is broken on 15.5 as well. A real Irritant. Thanks for reporting this.

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A real hassle. I have many e-mails that I cant read unless I blow them up, which means I have to press many keys to do it like CTRL-V-Z then Enter, then CTRL-+ repeatedly for the right zoom. The next email defaults back to the original zoom to have to do all over again. It's bad when you've got 50 emails to open.  

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I'm on Fedora Linux 39 using Thunderbird 115.6.0 as a Flatpak and this issue is still present. The fix of just clicking on the View menu and then doing Ctrl/+ works, but what is working for sure is holding Ctrl while moving the mouse wheel up/down for zooming, so this is an alternate shortcut you could use. I'm on a touchpad so this is a little less convenient but still works.

Works also using Ubuntu 20.04. Thanks so much for posting that. I was just about to dump Thunderbird due to the broken ZOOM function and the frustration it causes. I may stick around and see if it is ever going to be fixed now that your workaround functions.

On my Windows 11 partition with the same version of Thunderbird Ctrl/+ also does not work, and you still need to hold Ctrl while scrolling. This is probably just a Thunderbird issue and not OS-related.