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Thunderbird, Version Supernova: The pane showing messages in the current folder has height problem

Making moves

The pane showing messages in the current folder cannot be made small, vertically, so that it just shows one or a few messages, regardless of chosen density. There seems to be a fixed minimum height that cannot be overridden. This is a problem because it leaves less room for the message contents pane.




Unless I've misunderstood

Take a look

Try userChrome.css


/* ---Height of the inbox list view-- */
#threadPane {
min-height: 110px !important; /* default 200px */


Copy/paste the code (for example) into Notepad
Type: All files

Create a chrome folder
Move userChrome.css to your chrome folder

Go to your profile folder Open Folder

Move your chrome folder to your profile folder

Go to Configuration Editor

Alternatively in the Settings tab, enter about:config in the search box
The result is, Configuration Editor...


Click on Configuration Editor...
The Advanced Preferences tab will open

Search for a preference name toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets
To edit a boolean preference (true/false value), click on the Toggle button to set its value to true

Stop Thunderbird start Thunderbird

And other information


Sorry, today I have three websites to update and fix issues with. I am NOT going to try to undo something that was changed in a perfectly good desktop client. This jpg of a magazine headline, a bit exaggerated, is how I feel when I look at my messages. I want to see most of my incoming emails that have come down in the last hour, not just 6.

Making moves

Thanks David, that's precisely my issue. If I select a folder with only a few messages in it, there's more than a few lines of blank/useless space below them, before you hit the top edge of the current message display. The prior versions allowed my to "pull up" the border to only show 3 or 4 messages in a folder's contents, leaving more space below the header section for actual reading pane text, which is what the reading pane views are supposed to do. 

The Mozilla T-Bird code crushers strike again...... 

I'm going to look for a more stable email client with POP capabilities. 

Yes. I am almost done with TBird after perhaps 3 decades of using it happily. Too much white space. Too much scrolling. GUI should respect, not disrespect, the user.

Making moves

The issue you're encountering with the fixed minimum height of the message pane in your email client can indeed be frustrating. Unfortunately, certain email clients have limitations in customization, especially regarding the vertical size of the message pane. This fixed minimum height can impede your ability to optimize the layout according to your preferences, potentially reducing the space available for the message contents pane. In such cases, consider reaching out to the email client's support or checking for updates, as they may address user feedback and introduce improvements in future releases. Additionally, exploring alternative email clients that offer more flexible customization options could be a workaround to meet your specific display preferences.

Thunderbird was doing just fine until we went on vacation and I came back to find a new version that was a mess. I had close to a thousand emails downloading after being away. I was not notified that a new version would be implemented and it happened automatically while I was away. I've used TB for decades and never had this kind of issue before now. Apparently, reading some of the complaints, I am not alone. I don't have time nor the nerves to try to rebuild the desktop. EVERYDAY MY INBOX LOOKS LIKE A MAGAZINE HEADLINE IN BLACK AND BLUE. 

Wow! Totally agreed! Tbird new, young, with-it coders: disrespectful of the users. And so darn proud of the sexy re-write. A new era, indeed. A sad era...

Making moves

Yes! Agreed. Totally. The new "sexy" redesign is totally frustrating. Too much useless white space. Disrespectful of the user, cool and sexy for the coder. Like win 11, no?

Making moves

It appears that there is a limitation in adjusting the vertical size of the message pane in the current folder. This issue persists irrespective of the chosen density, suggesting a fixed minimum height that cannot be altered. This constraint can be problematic as it reduces the available space for the games  pane. Addressing this concern would enhance user experience by allowing more flexibility in customizing the layout based on individual preferences.

Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team

Please see the status update at  A fix is in beta, and that topic will be updated when the change has been delivered. You can click the kudos/vote there if this is something that interests you.  Hope this helps.

Wayne, Community Manager, Thunderbird