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Thunderbird v115.3.1: can't use Windows Scaling with 1920x1080 resolution even at 125%.

Making moves

The UI becomes unusable. Settings windows have buttons off the screen. I think I recall needing to put in some custom scaling or zoom settings in several years ago on a previous version, but my googling isn't coming up with anything.


Making moves

Uh oh! Is there a way to backlevel Thunderbird from 115.3.1 (64-bit) to the previous version? I have the same issues as the posting above. In addition, the ability to reload a message in a blank tab no longer works. And when I delete a message while reading the message in a tab, the line in the inbox tab does get deleted but the message detail tab does not close and the "delete" button is still active and deletes something but I don't know what. Sometimes it opens a new inbox tab for some reason. I haven't yet taken an orderly cut at determining why and when that happens. I have however, checked all my settings and all the right boxes are checked or unchecked as appropriate.

I really want to backlevel this installation. An option to do just that should be included in the tools section.