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Thunderbird Supernove Update Has Messed Up My RSS Feed

Making moves

My RSS feed is fouled up. It used to be News Feeds but, instead of getting the actual feed post(s), now all I get is a link to the actual site. I saw another News Feed choice, listed as Blogs & News Feeds (why is there a duplication if News Feeds already existed) I have tested the RSS feeds and they are correct but, the actual posts are not showing up, anymore. Can someone tell me how to fix this? I don't want a link to an article I am trying to read. I want the article IN my feed. That is why I have it.


Making moves

Yeah yeah ...... great frustration and disappointment here as well. updated to 115.4 following the ESR channel. don't know about other mailing functions but RSS reader is completely messed up.

RSS folders only read the last ONE message from the feed once after start-up, and thus users are losing messages from last shutdown AND not getting new messages after last start-up. So when I turn off my machine yesterday and start TB in the morning, I will miss all the messages last night, get the latest message before start-up this morning, BUT not any new messages after that. Can't tolerate the behaviour anymore and reverted back to 102.15.1. don't think they will get this fixed soon and probably need to look for another feed reader. 

A refresh is great, but what's the point if it just breaks everything. Can't imagine for an enterprise product. No idea why mozilla promotes a major update to ESR when the application is not enterprise ready ......