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Thunderbird submit feedback sends me here

Making moves

Seriously this is a complete chaos no doubt issues are never dealt with without becoming a professional QOS expert for Mozilla


Making moves

Excellent point. I'd like to contribute by reporting specifics about Tbird functionality and issues, but just dropping a message into a universe of other Moz://a discussions seems pointless. This site isn't Tbird support, it's all one massive, random discussion jungle.

Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team

@Allen wrote:This site isn't Tbird support, it's all one massive, random discussion jungle.

True this isn't Thunderbird support as such.  Thunderbird suport is which is the first item in your Thunderbird Help menu.

But this is a legit site for Thunderbird ideas and discussion.

Wayne, Community Manager, Thunderbird

Making moves

I don't believe Mozilla browser is actually working anymore concerning my privacy and security there is no real way to summit feedback, and with all the hoops they have going it's obvious they could care less as long as there new Google master and advertisers keep them tied in knots.  I have to find another Browser because this is bu*l-+sh't

Making moves

This Forum has an absolutely autistic ergonomy.

Just wanted to look how many people took a look at my idea.

I'd be severly surprised if any one of you could fix a flat bycycle-tire.

autistic isn't a word that can be used to describe non-humans, what exactly are you trying to say?

I can mend a bike tyre puncture, since you asked, but I'm not sure what that's got to do with the rest of this thread.