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Thunderbird is exhausting memory...why?

Making moves

Hello community, i am asking myself why the heck Thunderbird is eating up the memory of my MacBook. When i look at the distinguished memory use it show me between 695 and 745 MB of RAM that is beeing used for Thunderbird. I am using 115.8.1 and i really dont see (or agree) why a "normal email-app" need to use that much memory?

Ok, i have to admit that i really keep many eMails stashed up in folders (lets say a few thousand as used for business) and i also use the calendar heavily.

But still. If i compare that to Apples iCal plus Apple Mail (which would be the alternative apps) those use  about half of that amount. So how come? Is there no chance to reduce that somehow?

Sure my MacBook holds 8GB of RAMs but still. When you work with many ProApps and compare their RAM-usage Thunderbird makes a real bad figure against them.... So whats going on here?

Any help out there to reduce this memory ripp-off?

Best regards, Chris