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Thunderbird installation - still brain surgery

Making moves

Hello everyone,

I installed Tbird on a Win 7 laptop a couple years ago, but then became frustrated with the search function (i have 100,000 emails) and moved on.

I'm now ready to give Tbird another try.

While it is still installed on the WIN7 machine, I wanted a clean install on a new WIn10 machine - which is where the problem starts.

First couple times I tried installing it, Tbird tried to confirm my email account.  no go.  I'm absolutely positive the email and password was correct.

Somehow, Tbird then skipped over this confirmation stage the next time.  By this time I had read here NOT to provide the password until AFTER the confirmation.  Good advice - but too late.

I have now removed it twice from the laptop, and reinstalled it twice.  I cannot get back to the "confirmation" page that I saw at first (and which I suspect is STILL causing the problem).

I've also tried SENDING a test email, but get the message " login to server with username XXXX failed."

Any advice?

I'm honestly having a hard time believing that Tbird is STILL having these type of problems, logging me in to a standard AOL account.  Have been screwing around with this, on and off, for two days now.