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New Thunderbird 115.3.2 - list view scrolls up in each inbox

Making moves

Windows 10 Pro x64 all updates.

New installation of Thunderbird 115.3.2.  My default sort is to have newest messages on the bottom, and my several Inbox windows are always scrolled to the bottom.  I rarely need to scroll up into the hundreds of past messages.

But this new version of Thunderbird scrolls up into old messages almost every time I switch between Inboxes.  I have to grab the scroll bar and pull it back down to the bottom.

In Settings I have "autoscrolling" (whatever that is) disabled.  Same issue if it's enabled.

Please fix this; thanks.

PS:  I now see the Bugzilla link and will report it there too.  Though not sure it's a bug.


Making moves

It will be (hopefully) fixed soon: