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Thunderbird email now is missing a previous feature

Making moves

With the latest update, I am now missing any indication that Thunderbird is getting new mail when I click on the Get Messages icon.  Previously, it would show on the bottom of the screen that it was contacting the server and would show a status.  Why is this no longer there?  Or am I missing something.

As it is now, I have no idea if the sever was ever contacted or if I simply do not have any new emails.  Can we get this feature back in one way or another.


Making moves

I have the same issue.

On top of that Thunderbird is missing emails in my Inbox that are in my Gmail web site Inbox. I have had to Repair the Inbox to see the missing messages in Thunderbird.

The result is that when I am expecting a confirmation message that I need to reply to in order to complete a web login, but I don't get the message, Thunderbird is not useful.

This all started with the latest big release.