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Thunderbird - Categories in the Adressbook

Making moves

Hello, i hope in Thunderbird 115 or later the adressbook gets the feature for categories.

The last TB Version is 91 where it works with an Add-On.
I have 5000 contacts in Thunderbird and i hope one the devs read this and implement it in the adressbook.

If there is anywhere a another place for writing improvements, please reply here.
Thanks, Stefan


Making moves

I agree to Stefan-Franz. I love to use the categorisation of addresses. This is well integrated in CardBook, also to use in the email section. For me, this is the only reason why I use CardBook. Why has the categorisation of addresses not yet been implemented in the standard address book? That's really strange. This is a key feature of every address management programme.

Making moves

Can anyone here confirm, that i'm right here to beg the devs to implemente Categories or do i have to use any other plattform to suggest improvements?