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Thunderbird calendar import into Google Calendar

Making moves

It seems that the Calendar that comes with Thunderbird 102.2.1 when exported to *.ics can no more be imported into Google calendar (never any problem before, and I can reproduce it with an import made in the previous version).  As I note in Release notes to Thunderbird, a change has been made to the calendar.  Might that be the culprit?




Making moves

I noticed this recently as well.  I'm trying to migrate my Local Calendar into a Google Calendar and the ICS file seems corrupted.  It can't be imported via Thunderbird nor

It seems to only affect meeting series.  I can export/import individual events, but not calendars with meeting series.  Even a simple copy/paste of a series fails.

– Dave

Making moves

Just upgraded to version 102.6.1, and Google Calendar can no longer import the .ics file created by Thunderbird.  This is highly annoying.  I export/import all the time. Please fix this soon.

Thanks in advance.