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Thunderbird attachments

Making moves

Please return the attachments to the side as it was in older versions. I am on 102.3.2 (32-bit). Displaying attachents at the bottom is a bad idea. It forces you to dhow the email in its own window or to inxcraese the window size in order to see the attachment,. This is a pain!


Making moves

Hi, I have the same problem with the last version : 102.7.2 (32 bits). It's a really pain!

Making moves

I would like the developers to add the ability to select the location of attachments. For example, it would be more convenient for me to have attachments displayed at the top of the email immediately below the subject.

Making moves

Yes, I am having a lot of problems with the attachments (hidden) at the bottom.  I am getting emails with written changes and edits in the body and I do those but Sometimes they also attach a file and since my attention is diverted by the email content. I never see the additional edits and changes.  This is happening often.  Can we at least change the font and size of the attachments at bottom to bigger and bolder and also the sign at the bottom that says "attachment" when the are attachments, Make that bigger bolder with color so you actually notice it!!!!




Is there any way to move the attachment list to the top of the message body?


#attachmentView {
order: -1 !important;
background-color: #ADFF2F !important;
font-weight: bold !important;

#attachmentList {
background-color: PaleTurquoise !important;

1.pngOther colors

If you want the attachments pane expanded automatically
Configuration editor
Search mailnews.attachments.display.start_expanded
Try value true and restart Thunderbird