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Thunderbird Adress Lists improvements

Making moves

I'm a retired database instructor [IBM's DB2]. My wife and I do volunteer work for non-profits. In our own T-B instances, we each maintain a few contact lists, ranging from a dozen contacts up to a hundred contacts each.

It has been a great boon to enter a list name in the address book search block and see the names in the list on the right list panel shown in alphabetical order. Say I'm looking to see if Larry Kintisch is already in the list: I scroll down the list and he is or is not. If not I EDIT and add him. Similarly to delete from the list.

A beneficial feature [that should not be too difficult to implement in a database] is this: What list(s) is Larry Kintisch in? I would like to search for Larry Kintisch and in the listed results, be able to right click a name and [in addition to "Write, Edit, Print, Delete] have a fifth option "Lists" which would show the "lists" that name is in on the right list panel.

Similarly, I might want to see a listing of all "Lists" in my address book** [to see which one(s) I might want to add Larry Kintisch into]. The changed list Icon [it should be darker!] is a big help. I'd like to suggest another option: add a check box above the search block "[ ] Lists only" to only show lists in the search result.
[** Of course I could rename all of my list names to start with, say, "aaLL-" but my suggestion seems more generally useful to the product's audience.]

Larry Kintisch