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Thunderbird 115 unified-toolbar needs serious work to make it more customisable

Making moves

At the release of 115, it seemed there was recognition that there is a diversity of ways of working with Thunderbird. So far, so good.

My comments here relate to using Thb on a widescreen computer, with multiple email accounts and a hierarchical local folder structure, using "all folders", and using compact "Classic view".

If the unified toolbar is not removable, and must therefore take up an entire slice of valuable screen space, why are there such limited options to customise it. There is nothing in its default configuration that I need or want. It contains a button that accesses what is described as the "Thunderbird Menu", but why is that so different (and much more limited) than the contents of the "Menu bar"? Why cannot the content of the Menu bar be an option for inclusion within the unified-toolbar? Why cannot the content of the Status bar also be an option for inclusion within the otherwise wasted space of the unified-toolbar? Having those would save two slices of screen real estate and provide me with functions that I do need.

At the very least, please provide the option of switching the unified-toolbar display off.


Making moves

I also have multiple email accounts to oversee, and the Unified Folders is not working, making it a nightmare keeping up with incoming messages.  Please get a fix for this ASAP.