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Thunderbird 115.6.0 (64-bit) - user interface

Making moves

Has anyone raised questions about the utility of the "thread" paradigm in Thunderbird inbox?  I'm finding it very inconvenient and less useful.  The re-organized major inbox tasks have a format and labeling that are substantially less useful than those of previous versions.  At times it even seems as though it was not fully tested as well.   "new message" was not a compelling replacement for "write" and so on.   Overall I prefer Thunderbird as a mail client and I think it's OK to have high expectations for even a free application.



Making moves

I have. I posted something in Mozilla's bugzilla a few days ago about "threaded view" taking over my mailboxes and forcing itself down our throats despite literally thousands of attempts to turn it off. Just another example of TB being so adamant about forcing what it considers "conveniences" on us that it doesn't care whether they actually work or not, or whether we want them or not, even whether they present major inconveniences and usability obstacles. We're just the users, we don't get to turn off features just because they make TB unnecessarily difficult and frustrating for us to use.