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Thunderbird 115.3.3 changes

Making moves

A little feedback on 115.3.3. I was annoyed by the high density presentation, but realized that I could reconfigure to the old display format. 

A bigger and continuing irritation is the 'visual two-step' that the highlight bar seems to do when clicking on another email in the list; it's very distracting.

An even bigger annoyance (this time it's a real complaint) is that if the email you're currently viewing is far enough 'up' in the list, or if more emails have been downloaded in the background, when you close or deleted the current email the screen will jump to the bottom of the list, leaving you wondering where you were in the list. That particular thing really is irritating.

Having voiced my complaints, I want to end with expressing my gratitude to those who make TBird possible. With the occasional irritation, it's still in another dimension compared to using web based interfaces; especially the one from the most common account supplier.


Thanks for the reply on density, but I got that sorted fairly quickly. Can you offer any insight on the 'jumping bean' mod to the list? 😉

Making moves

Can I add to this, my annoyance that the latest update has broken all my Outlook based email settings, that have worked for the last 5 weeks. So I can't receive my emails, and at this point unsure if Thunderbird actually can.