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Thunderbird 115.3.2 32bit failing to poll server

Making moves

I have been using Thunderbird for years and connect to 5 email account with IMAP and was happy with it as it was. The latest update 115.3.2 is a disaster as it is only intermittently polling the servers. If I move an email from an inbox to a local folder, it doesn't synchronise with the server and a few moments later, the same message pings back into the inbox. I can see on my Android device that I have a new email but Thunderbird is not showing it. The Cloud Icon 'Get Messages' button only occasionally works. When I close Thunderbird it often hangs and I have to use Ctrl-Alt-Delete and Task Manager to force it to close. If I do that, when I next open Thunderbird it will initially poll the servers but then it just seems to forget to do so regularly. This is absolutely unusable in this state and I am looking for alternatives email clients. 


Making moves

Tbird 115.4.1 32b, is similarly wierd again.

Normally, Tbird (POP3/normal passwd) is set to only check the server if I ask it to.
If I reboot, open new Tbird and tick "Get Messages"
Tbird does not even ask for a password.
If I set AccountSettings.ServerSettings.Checkfornewmessagesatstartup,
then reboot, open new Tbird and tick "Get Messages"
Tbird does ask for a password, and everything works.
Odd, but I can live with it.