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Thunderbird 115.2 Bugs

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I know this is not a particularly useful post but... was there any testing done on Thunderbird 115.2? I am on windows 10 64-bit. I recently "upgraded" Thunderbird and I cannot make this post useful by listing problems because there are too many bugs to list. I will over time submit bugs to Mozilla, but do not have the time to do a deep dive all at once. Is anyone else having basic utility issues such as alerts, deleting, navigation, speed, calendar reloads? When I go into Troubleshooting mode, some of the bugs go away, but others appear. This is going to take a lot more time than I have right now to properly test and document.


Making moves

I agree there are a lot of bugs.  My problems running it on Win 11 with 16 gb memory are that it is too slow,  resizing the columns so I can read in the list of messages and the search bar is too long to read the total # of finds in a message, the folder list needs a scroll bar at the bottom so I can see sub-folders easier.  The list of messages has unnecessary white space in front of the subject column.  I wish I had not gotten the newest update. 

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Thanks for the reply. I agree, I wish I could downgrade. I do not know about security updates in this release, but the usability updates for my uses are a step backwards, not to mention the bugs.

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15.2.2 is awful. the junk folder shows number of entries unread but nothing in the listing.

the text has gone smaller and the size wont adjust. compact folder is grayed out.

and again the export profile is not there.

dont they test it before release?

Yep and I wonder why they offered the update to 115 when on their own site I found a page saying not to do it, so WTF? this is the kind of USPS right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing thing that prevailed in that place. But anyway the only way I finally got it to work with 98% functionality as before was to use REVO Pro. to completely take it out down to the bones and reinstall 2X's. Then it work almost like new. It seems to me that they could have avoided all these hassles on the users is they just didn't put out the update in the 1st place until it was ready, seems like a real Microsoft move here. 

Where do you find your junk folder? (I cannot find ANY of my folders or my local folders)


Yeah I sympathize with ya and why this stuff for Homer Simpson users like me can drive ya nuts, to be honest.  It might have something to do with how TB interacts with the server mail box. Mine still has some weird interactions like if I delete a email on my Cablevision site it also deletes it in my TB inbox, never did that before even after my clean install.  I'm sorry but that is because of my technical ignorance is the only thing I can suggest.  I just don't thinks unless you are a technician and maybe that isn't enough, sometimes things break and are unfixable. 

So after the initial shock and then yell into a pillow FFFFFFFFFFFF!  I hung my head, sighed,  and did a down to the bone delete and reinstall.

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A total disaster. I cannot find a write button to compose and send an email and all of my folders with all of my saved email messages have disappeared immediately after I downloaded 115.2.2 today. I have been using Thunderbird from the start, but am now tempted to switch to something else. WTF can we contact to find out how to fix this?

I don't think you can, by all means try but it's so floogy now that without a clean install you might just end up like one of those plate spinning acts that would appear on the old Ed Sullivan Show running back & forth trying to keep them going frantically and eventually it would just become a mess.  Thanks for writing, I wish I could help more.

So I just had a thought maybe we should rename this place Spinzilla! 

Amazingly, all of my folders, including local folders, appeared last night! 

And, this morning, the blue rectangle with the "+New Message" appeared.

So, as of this moment in time I am good.

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today's update is a disaster. Anyway to uninstall?

Hey, so I think I've found a new bug, clicked the delete Junk Folder on shut down seems not to be working, anyone else see this too? 

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In addition to most of the other bugs, I have this:

With: View= Layout- classic, folder pane, message pane; Folders- pane header, unified; Sort by- date, ascending, unthreaded.

Unified inbox has 4 accounts. When I click on inbox the message list displays ascending but the scroll bar [slider] is at the top (oldest email). When I click Date twice, the list displays correctly, ascending with the scroll bar [slider] at the bottom (newest message.) Expanding the inbox, if I click on any of the accounts it displays correctly without having to click date.

Does anyone else see this or is there some setting I've missed.

[Also, the list occasionally displays with old and new messages mixed. Clicking the Date header twice corrects the display and slider. Other problems have been noted in this and other threads.]

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There are also problems with RSS: In past versions in the preview window the text summary of an article appeared and after a doubleclick in the full size tab the HTML version apperared. This was perfect.

Now it's in both views the same and I have to choose which version I want and this changes the setting for ALL feeds which I don't want

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So now for most emails I'm getting doubles, that never ever happened before in all the years past.  This program needs better easier settings.  Plain English please.    Can't wait till they crow about hooking this up into some kind of AI garbage.  

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The QA on this version was pathetic, I've never seen a Mozilla release with so many bugs! I've been a software developer since the 70's and have seen everything, this is in the bottom 10%. I put my wife (a total non-techie) on Thunderbird and she wants to divorce me after this version auto-installed on her laptop.

I'll give you a few examples in email. For background, my email screen is split in half: top half is the list of email headers in the current folder, bottom half shows the beginning of the selected email in the list.

1. When clicking on an email header and viewing its contents in the bottom, sometimes it stays in bold and the "unread" icon doesn't change. No rhyme or reason to this, just happens randomly AFAIK.

2. Similarly, when clicking a header, sometimes the Delete and Junk toolbar buttons are disabled, again no pattern to this bug.

3. Sometimes, after selecting "Empty Trash" from the File menubar (when it had least one email), "Compact Folders" apparently does not free up the deleted file space, at least there is no message in the status line.

There are more but that should give you an idea of how poorly tested this release was. Fire whoever let it out the door, please!!

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Here's a 4th one. The customize toolbar screen does not always show all the buttons you can move to the toolbar. But if you enter its label in the search box, then it shows up. Again, crappy testing to let this happen, the available buttons that aren't already in your toolbar should ALL show up, simple comparison of two lists, who coded this garbage? Jeez guys, do a better job.

Found another one.

I went to my Sent folder and deleted 2 attached PDF files from the latest email I sent, as I normally do to keep my email file sizes as small as possible, since I have the attachments elsewhere.

But after doing that, the status line said "1 email deleted from Sent" (or something like that).

No Thunderbird 115, I did NOT delete an email, I deleted 2 attachments. Fix the message.

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Indeed, the one that drives me nuts is the fact that even when you click and read an email over and over it NEVER shows as marked read.  So annoying.

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Is there way to roll back to old version? Thanks