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The whole browser refresh?

Making moves

There is this weird thing that my browser does, I be browsing casually and all of a sudden all the browser window and border, in general the whole UI turns white and flashes, when it becomes normal again, it resets all my zooms and takes me on top of the pdf's I was reading. Also if I am watching a youtube video, it turns the window green. I think it is something related to graphics cards maybe, but prolly on the Firefox side, cuz I also used Brave before this and this never happens. I am not sure how to attach an image of how it looks but take this url should work for a while. This has been happening for quite a while.

the environment I use in is as follows:

Multiscreen(3 screens),

i9-12900h, 3070ti (laptop)


Making moves

2023-02-02 14_28_10-Greenshot.png

This is another examples on how it looks