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The ongoing downloads cue will not close now

Making moves

The ongoing downloads button now opens to display all recent downloads in a pop up window anchored to the button on the toolbar. Unfortunately it does not CLOSE anymore until you click somewhere else and often plops right over the main workspace taking up a large amount of real estate where you can easily click on a download by accident as you are navigating the rest of the UI which can result in running or installing something by accident possibly something malicious. Please revert this to closing/disappearing automatically after a second of displaying ONE download or at least giving us an option to change it back to this. 


Making moves

In latest version 98.0, resets to true when I set it to false via about:config. It does this after the next download as well as after a restart absent an intervening download.


Making moves

Yeah Mozilla needs to let us turn that off. I thought my browser was bugging out when the download kept popping up.

Making moves

Please make the old behavior the default behavior again.

Making moves

Just sharing this here, over in this thread user bl has pointed out that what you need to do is and I quote:

"In about:config (Welcome to the Wild West) search for and set the flag to false."

Making moves

I also hate this. It is so aggravating. Can you please change it back. Do you want money or something to change it back? Can you at least give me the option to turn it off. Please!


In Firefox 102, you can set this behavior by right-clicking the Downloads toolbar button and "unchecking" the middle option on the menu: