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Firefox Update Warning.

Making moves

It would be nice, nay, more user-friendly, if you could see fit to put up a splash-screen or open a tab some 10 minutes before you decide to update Firefox giving a fair warning, instead of just springing them on us, like, *SURPRISE!!!!*
I say this because you've just updated mine, a process which froze, and CRASHED, my PC, losing ongoing work I had in the process, thank you so very much! Not for the first time, either!!
A splash-screen or a self-opening tab would have enabled me to save my work and close down unnecessary programs/apps etc.

Not a happy bunny. Get it sorted!!


Making moves

Spot on! Just as I was finishing a transaction for buying a ticket online, Firefox replaced the content of the transaction tab with an Update notice. The transaction broke and I payed the money, but the ticket system didn't send me my ticket. Therefore I lost money because of this. I am furious!