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The Independent Voices Colorway collection has arrived! What’s your favorite Colorway?


Hello community!

Ray here, from the Firefox Desktop Product team excited to engage with you :). If you get a chance, we encourage you to check out the new Colorways collection in the Fx106 release version. Each Colorway was carefully created in an external partnership with former sneaker designer, Keely Lascio, and portray their own individual stories, imagery and characteristics. Give them all a try and find a color that matches your personality!

If you’re curious to read more about this feature please check out this article!

As we work to make this feature better for you, we’d like to welcome any and all feedback.

  • What’s your favorite Colorway?
  • Do you feel more connected to the browser when using this feature? Do Colorways bring you joy?
  • Are you satisfied with the quantity of colors provided in this collection? 
  • Are you interested in collecting and keeping Colorways from a series of timed collections?
  • What else would you like to see in the future for Colorways?

P.S. be sure to have your favorite Colorway enabled on the collection expiration date in order to keep it with you!

Thank you in advance for your participation! We look forward to hearing from you.


Very helpful perspective and some great suggestions here! @hokonch 

We value you as a community contributor to our products and will take this valuable feedback to the team for review.

Making moves

This is so stupid.  I don't understand it one bit.  None of it.

This "activist" inspirational talk about how "culture" and blah blah blah what the heck am I reading here?  This is asinine and childish.  Has firefox marketing been taken over by first-year college students?  I don't understand.

Never mind the incomprehensible copy writing that sounds like a Tik Tok influencer wrote it -- what is the actual functionality here?  Some color schemes?  That are time constrained??

Newsflash, I've been able to customize the colors of my browser since Netscape Navigator -- only back then this basic functionality wasn't presented to me as "activism" and it wasn't taken away from me after some arbitrary deadline.

What is the point of all this?  Firefox is really losing the plot, and it is sad.

wait until they're gonna present you non-fungible unique time-limited ColORwAyS next year just for $199.99/theme

Not applicable

I'm not interested in Nonsense Fishy Trash.

Making moves

This isn't it chief.

I would recommend adding a way to disable Colorways right from the Firefox view tab — took me a while to figure out how to get rid of it.

A great addition to Firefox would be grouped tabs (just like Chrome). It's the one major difference between the two browsers that is the decisive factor for many prospective users.



these extensions may be what you want

Making moves


My favorite one by far is the System Theme, i.e., turning the colors off.

There's a few reasons for that:

  • For no reason they exist outside of the existing theming discovery and use system, which just creates needless UI/UX noise.
  • They get pushed hard onto the user, but aren't even a permanent feature, just a limited-time beta test.
  • Their descriptions are, frankly, utterly cringe. They don't make me feel "more connected" to the browser, they in fact make me embarassed to be using it! This is supposed to be a professional product, not some spiritualist nonsense that has neither head nor tail!
  • The colors just don't feel good. Ever. The light colors are too pastel, the dark colors are too bright and slightly too saturated. Even the now-abandoned Firefox Alpenglow is a much better purple than "bold purple", for example.

So, what would I like to see in the future for Colorways? For them to go away. Permanently. Forever. And just make better themes if you want to provide official ones. The idea of having a bunch of primary-color-centric official themes isn't bad, but please don't duplicate your own functionality for no reason other than to confuse users and add more places where to add bugs.

The strength of heart to face oneself has been made manifest... the persona Carighan has appeared!

Making moves

Mozilla is involved with real social justice and online freedom efforts (like with the EFF), and I am happy to support and even donate. But this vacuous "Independent Voices" speak, and the ludicrous suggestion that changing UI colors is somehow participating in social justice, is the worst kind of pseudo-woke marketing. Please do not insult your community with craven fake activism. If I wanted to read such tortured language as these theme descriptions, I could go find some Chevron ad copy. Instead, just remind us of the actually meaningful legal work Mozilla is already doing!

I shudder to wonder if the next update will offer me a unique opportunity to engage with a synergistic conceptualization of interconnected sustainable inclusivity, for a limited time, by changing my application icon.

Making moves

It'd be much better to just have a constant selection of colours available instead of this limited time horoscope stuff

Making moves

Who came up with this idea? Is this really what users need? This, Firefox View, complete removal of legacy printing options. Firefox is going down the drain. FF was always about choice but recently it feels like Mozilla is shoving these 'useful' and 'great' changes down our throats with no option to disable it.


Making moves

This is not really useful feature and I liked it the way it was before

Making moves

This whole initiative caused me embarrassment, it looks like the work of a chūnibyō. Please remove it and pretend you never did it.

Making moves

Artificially restricting things as simple as colors and only providing them for limited amounts of times would be offensive to any group. But to open source users, especially? This is probably the single stupidest implementation I could imagine. Open source users like having control over their software. We do not like having things taken away for no reason.

Colorways are an incredibly poor implementation of themes to begin with, but this new marketing scheme is outright disgusting. It's just further proof that Mozilla cares more about advertising than they do their actual users.

Open source users like having control over their software.

Mozilla does not restrict Colorways for such users. You could restore all of them with a one-line user.js if you wanted to.

Please read the comment at the top. These are limited-time options. That is what the rest of us are discussing.

Making moves

I had something urgent come up that I needed to use the browser for, and I had updated my packages since the last time I used my browser, and I had to click through like five screens, where each element popped in at a leisurely pace, one after the other, before the button to go to the next screen came, with no exit button or any way of using the browser immediately after opening it. Wonderful.

Nothing better than being forced to sit through marketing material while in a rush to use your software. Hey Mozilla, mobile ads on crappy pay to win games are not good places to take UX inspiration from!

Making moves

How do I get back to the classic theme that suddenly vanished with FF106?  I can't stand the current options and would like to have had a choice of using a new them or keep my classic view.  How can I go back??

Making moves

"Independent Voices’ are the voices of the past and present that create a better future..."  Are you kidding me? This is laughably cringe worthy. Just announce a new colour-picking feature and be done with it. Independent Voices is really, really lame. It felt like a joke reading the write-up about it. "Color can change culture. The latest colorways celebrate voices making the world a better place."  Give me a break. My eyes can not roll any harder.

Making moves

I've had to provide tech support to a relative who, due to the nonsensical language involved, had absolutely no idea what all of this was about.  Mozilla, this ridiculous fluff doesn't "create a better future", it just generates unnecessary support tickets.

Making moves

I picked a new colorway, YAY! Now how do I get rid of it?

If you love working in dakmode, but the bright bold color options that FireFox just launched as various colorways are too bright/distracting, you are probably in the same boat as me...struggling to find the undo/back button.

I wouldn't mind a gradient hue of these bold colors that blend nicely with the dark background of the "bold" option, but as it stands now, these new colorways (specifically in bold mode) are somewhat annoying.

Making moves

I really don't like how this had to be some modal that I had to figure out how to get rid of before getting back to using my browser. It's weird 'get in the way of you trying to actually use the product' UX decisions like these that made me dislike IE years ago, so not too happy about seeing them in Firefox now.

Making moves

Please please please get rid of this thing or at the very least make it OPTIONAL to have it.   I changed TO Firefox because Chrome became too intrusive by changing settings disguised as "improvements."   Please, do not make me change to another browser.

In case this is not clear, no I am not "loving Firefox" at the moment.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Colorways is an optional feature. If you need to disable a Colorway or select a new theme:

  1. Click the Disable button on the Colorway card under Manage Your Themes. This will restore the system default theme.
  2. You can also navigate to the Saved Themes section and click Enable on any theme in this section to restore a previous selection.

More info here in this article. Hope it helps!

Making moves

I have a pink screen and its not colourway.  All x indicators and others are in white and are usually invisible.  They used to be, and should be, black. 

Making moves

To answer your questions:

  • My favorite Colorway is none at all, I stick with the default colors. It's a totally useless feature to me.
  • I don't feel more connected and it doesn't bring me joy, more to the contrary
  • Dunno
  • No
  • I'd like to see them disappear and the time and effort being spent on useful things

Making moves

I like the idea... BUT 😊... :

1. the colors are waaaay to bright and saturated in dark mode. I returned to my previous theme.

2. limited time is not OK. The expiration date should be in years, not months. 🙂

Making moves

I don't use Colorway simply because they are a limited time feature. I expect browser behaviour to stay consistent instead of me having to manage changes or troubleshoot something changing, but Colorway represents a disruption for no beneficial reason.

Making moves

I finally update Firefox and regret it a great deal. First, the ridiculous colors. And the rest of the ridiculous changes that are do not help functionality and distract from what I see as the real purpose of Firefox: to be a great and well-functioning BROWSER. I fear that Firefox will go the way of many other programs, apps, browsers that were absolutely fine until ridiculous changes were made. Please keep the desktop/laptop version of Firefox an actual computer brower and don't turn it into an app like some programs have done. Stop trying to fix things that are not broken. Or at least make it simple for us to figure out how to keep the original classic look and function. I am not happy with this update at all. Just keep things secure and functional. That is all that matters.


Hello all! I just to express how grateful we are as an organization to have such amazing contributors. Your feedback is essential to giving us the ammunition we need to inform meaningful products.

We've learned so much over the course of the last couple of weeks around understanding your user needs, desires, and pain points as it relates to Firefox Colorways. Some of the more common idea suggestions fall into the realm of:

  • Allowing users to create customized Colorways
  • Remove the time limited constraint
  • Consider tangible aspect (i.e. Reddit avatars, NFTs etc)
  • Providing a more apparent way to disable Colorways

Although I cannot share any specifics around what we will commit to at this moment, I can assure you that all of your feedback is being considered and discussed with the internal team. We look forward to providing more updates in the future!



  • Allowing users to create customized Colorways

So, Firefox Color?

  • Consider tangible aspect (i.e. Reddit avatars, NFTs etc)

Literally no one asked for this.


Thanks for #4, I guess 🙂 #2 will also be useful for some

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Thanks so much for participating in the discussion. We are closing out this thread, but want to encourage you to continue sharing your feedback/ideas about this feature (and other topics, of course) in new posts—just be sure to use the necessary labels and tags, so your posts are easily searched for and discovered.

Also, a new discussion hosted by a Firefox Product Manager has just kicked off here: Importing Autofill Data - Tell us what you think! Feel free to join and share your feedback on this feature we're exploring.

This is an ongoing series here in the Mozilla Connect community, so we look forward to continuing to collaborate with you all 💪

-The Community Team