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Thank you Firefox

Making moves

Many years ago I started with a computer with a 500mb hard drive running win'95. My friend, who is a I.T. technition told me the I.T. boys used Firefox instead of I.E. So I changed to Firefox3.
 Now, many years later, I have Firefox 98.0.1. What a journey it has been. How long until Firefox 100?
I Think the centenery should be celebrated with a Special Edition.
  Thank you Mozilla & the firefox team.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Happy to hear this! Will pass this along to the team—will be a great way to start the week 😃

Making moves

I started getting acquainted with FF with versions 1.5 and installed the browser on more than one thousand computers. But due to the solidarity of your team with Nazi criminals. I will no longer use the supposedly independent browser. I don't believe that Internet people can't figure out what's really going on in Ukraine since 2014. And if you like the idea of killing Russian people, go to Hitler. He will tell you what it is.

Hey Jon.

It is quite strange how among all the other posts, about how you ruined the "download" procedure, how you cut out yandex as an option in a highly fascist way, how half of the webpages do not load properly anymore, etc., you chose to reply to the one and only post that praises FF.