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TB and MoZ-VPN don't interoperate -- Who authorized release of this VPN product?

Making moves

This afternoon I purchased a year subscription to Mozilla VPN. As soon as it was activated on my laptop, TB stopped working - completely. SEND, RECEIVE, ADD an existing account are all blocked. 10 hrs later when I finally figured out what was going on, I turned off VPN and all was fine again. (I just couldn't bring myself to believe that MozVPN had wrecked TB.) My installation of MozVPN bumped out a perfectly functional VPN I had used for a few years from FireTrust (that provider includes an explicit, and apparently critical, email carve out). But, you know, I wanted a more seamless, coherent Mozilla experience. My major concern and the reason for this posting is that the MoZ official, posted response was a) use webmail; and b) we are protecting you from possible spam and other bad things. Where is the explanation that "We at Mozilla are dedicated to providing a fully interoperative experience and are working tirelessly to integrate our VPN with the Thunderbird experience to enhance the Mozilla ecosystem." I find it truly absurd that Mozilla VPN breaks Thunderbird email for reasons that zero (IMHO) to do with the real value/purpose of VPN technology and the one thing -- protecting my data channel -- that VPN does really, really well. VPN is not a data transport Swiss Army knife. Please create interoperability between your VPN and your email product. I'll gladly pay the price of managing/deleting spam messages and/or continuing my subscription to other products whose own primary purpose is to deal with unsolicited emails.