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Tabs are not inactive if I’ve read them the day before

Making moves

Lately on the iOS Firefox, my tabs have been disappearing into inactive at a ridiculous rate. If I have a tab for a fan fic that I’ve read yesterday, it should not be inactive today. It’s too fast. What kind of algorithm is being used?


Making moves

I’m having the same issue.


When I go into menu > Settings > Tabs, it says they shouldn't be moved until they have been inactive for 2 weeks. Sounds like a bug if it's moved after 1 day, but I don't see anything on file yet:


Making moves

I'm having the same issue, even with tabs I used less than 3 hours ago.

Making moves

Same thing here, I suspect a bug. Tabs I didn't use since days are still active, but I must reopen some tabs everyday.

Without talking about the bug, it would be great to add options to improve the fonctionality :
- set custom time before considering as inactive
- pinning a tab as active (by an entry in the "tab long-press menu" for exemple)
- force a tab as inactive (same thing)

Making moves

Same issue, tabs keep disappearing and the only way to find them back is digging into the history. Not good.