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Subtle recent change in Firefox behaviour when I store bookmarks

Making moves

I use bookmarks in Firefox a lot.  They are my link to the bits of the internet that I think are worth remembering.  Because I structure my bookmarks I find that important topics accrue collections of links that, taken together, are really useful to me.

I have for a long time used a fast way to add new bookmarks: I have the bookmarks pane visible on the left of my laptop screen and I drag the url displayed at the top of the screen to where I want the bookmark kept.  This is far faster than clicking on the  menu icon on the top RHS, and positioning in the dialoge box to the location where I want it kept.

Up to very recently these two approaches did exactly the same thing, but most recently, in the last couple of weeks I think, they now work differently.  My fast approach now diplays the naked url https://etc.... visible in the bookmarks pane whereas the slow method displays the useful title of the article, which my fast method USED to do.

This change makes it more or less impossible to understand (by reading what's visible in the bookmarks pane) what the bookmark relates to.  In other words, the change affects me very badly.  Can you in Mozila please make it work the same way as it used to?

Kind regards, Jon


Making moves

Yes I do have exactly the same problem, did you find any solution? Why did they stop that feature?

Yes this last update was horrible, removed my extensions, bookmarks missing, some sites not operating correctly, deleted some important cookies. I wish I could undo it.

Making moves

Yes, this is a known problem and has been reported by multiple users already. See the following discussion:

It seems that dragging the "lock" symbol with your mouse will add the bookmark with its correct title.
Then again, the URL field is much larger and provides more draggable area than the "lock" symbol. It is easier to point & click into anywhere in the URL field than to point & click exactly on the "lock" symbol.

Please Firefox devs, undo this behaviour. Make bookmarking by mouse easy again, like it was.