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Stop Ignnoring us

Making moves

I think the single worst thing any site such as this can do is to completely ignore people. It will be your downfall in the end because people will just vote with their fingers.

Others along with myself have posted questions to Mozilla about how bad Firefox has become lately, especially how SLOW it has become along with the sheer amount of FF sessions running in task manager.

Not sure what I mean? Then just look at the two direct links below, none of which have been answered at all, just ignored in the hope that they eventually move from the front page to farther back.

And this one too

Continuing to ignore these questions just proves a point that FF is now on the way out and that we should find an alternative because you simply don't give a **bleep**.


Making moves

Have a look at the latest usage RAM drainage. Whats going on with FF


I can't load it at the moment, but you could check out the tips here:

To see whether particular pages are causing excess memory use, try the about:processes page (or Shift+Esc).

Thank you for replying. You are the first to do that, why is that?

I was surprised at how little activity there is here for this web browser when people keep going on about how much better than the competitors they are trying to make it.

RE your comments, this latest up-date does seem to have made it faster again in regard to pictures and videos, so there was something somewhere that has been addressed / fixed.

However, Just Now I Opened One Single Web Page In FF, And Just Look At The Attached Screen Shot

This can't be right? And you wonder why FF can bring some people's lower end PC's and Laptops to their knees. Just look at how much RAM is being taken up.


Different pages can have a very different "weight" (total bytes of files loaded) so it's hard to say what is normal and what is aberrant. (I have like 38 windows open right now with tons of tabs, so it wouldn't make sense for me to compare.)

As for the activity here, the focus of the Connect site is the Ideas side. Longtime Firefox fans are more likely hanging out on r/Firefox on Reddit (at least until the current weird protest started) and the unofficial mozillaZine forums.

Making moves

Amen!  I tried to stop videos from autoplaying.  The so-called block all audio and video just Does Not Work.  And Mozilla doesn't care.  F you guys.