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Some praise for Mozilla/Firefox

Making moves

I know there are things to gripe about, and things that don't work to one's liking and so on, but... I would like to thank the team behind Firefox for the work they put in. Firefox is a damned good piece of software and I really appreciate it - thank you for it.

Recent-ish developments I particularly like:

* 'Reader mode' - thank god for this. The internet is insufferable without adblockers and this only makes it even more bearable

* Embedded PDF reading/editing - still a bit flaky, but thank you for reducing further the need to have any Adobe product on my machine. Right now I only keep Acrobat around for the dreaded 'signatures'.



Thanks @CCWulf! You'll be happy to know we are working on support for signatures:

That's excellent news! 😀

Making moves

I'd like to tag onto this thread:

I just tried the new PDF editing feature.  That works great.  I tried the "drawing" mode.  That is MUCH better than Adobe's own capability, which is awful.  (I have full Acrobat.)

I do agree with another thread that suggested you clarify that your "editing" is more like Comment and Notation.  We are not actually changing what the PDF already contains... which is a powerful feature of Acrobat.