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Slow loading - lastest update of Mozilla Firefox has slowed all pages loading

Making moves

Hi,  I'm not sure about others (this is the first time I have used this forum) but I have found since the latest update that all my pages are taking a longer time to load, it has slowed down considerably, and yes I have checked internet speeds etc... - Thanks


Making moves

Same thing here. At first I thought I had a network problem, but any other device connected to my Orbi loads pages excessively well. On the same machine, I tried to load the same pages with Brave and they display within the second.

It's like Firefox waits 5 seconds or so before loading and displaying a page. But a second load is faster.

Speed tests on both Firefox and Brave give the same results... except that Firefox is slower to display the test page.

I haven't tried yet to disable the "privacy enhancing" plugins I use on Firefox. Will keep you posted...

Disabled all plugins, seemed like it was going a bit better. Then I re-enabled all my plugins today (4 in total) but everything seems to move faster nos. Can't explain it, since I had no Firefox update since... Maybe it's not Mozilla's fault after all?

Making moves

I'm now on version 124, I can confirm it feels a bit slow and less snappy.. Not sure what is happening lately with Firefox.

I've played a bit with Firefox settings and, in the end, I think I solved the slowness issue by completely disabling the "Enable DNS over HTTPS using:" option at the bottom of "Privacy and Security" in the settings. Looks like the secure DNS thing takes its toll on speed...
Can you try that and eventually let us know if it worked?

I was in fact using indeed Max Protection (I forgot to tell that), with a custom provider:

However, like you mentioned this shouldn't have that much impact. Too bad it does have a lot of performance impact... ;( I also believe the DOM loading in general has some degradation as well. I hope Firefox is doing performance measurements between their releases.