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Shortcuts in its current state on Firefox Mobile is just wrong and leaks private information

Making moves

I changed my phone yesterday and understood how resigned I have been for the last two years to how broken this function is. I don't even know why I waste my time writing this, there has been many good and constructive feedback here and on bugzilla, but nothing happens because "thats intended behavior".

Firefox wants to stand for privacy and customization, but shortcuts doesn't stand for any of that.

  • Mixing shortcuts with top sites: all of the sudden some random stuff from my history is displayed on the front page of my browser? WHY? I don't want random people who I want to show something on my phone to see what I did last night.
  • I have to add unwanted Shortcuts, just to not show top sites on the first page.
  • Why can't I long-press and rearrange them? This breaks with every basic touch UX behavior.
  • Shortcuts don't sync like everything else
  • In some Bugticket a dev said this is supposed to reflect Desktop behavior, then why is shortscut not an special bookmark folder which I can sync and edit on Desktop like the Bookmarks toolbar folder?
  • Not being able to edit the URL on given shortcuts is also a basic feature missing
  • fixed 16 slots is not customizable at all

I'm sorry to rant like this but I just can't understand it. How some function gets rolled out missing basic features not getting fixed in over a year and on the other hand many man hours get assigned to stuff like new background colours. 🤦‍♂️