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Secure vs inconvenient

Making moves

I've been pretty concerned to find that Firefox somehow knows my SIN, even though I would never allow any software to save it. I found out that the only way to get it to not remember this is to have Firefox not save either form fills or search history.

Now there is a world of difference between those two! Of course I want my search history remembered, but I have software to remember form fields and don't want any other software to remember them (I don't even have my SIN in this other software), and yet there's no way to have Firefox remember my search history but not my form fill items (like my SIN). It seems pretty important to separate those two items.

Thanks for taking the time,



@KiAnBa  I'm assuming you are from Canada 🍁? Do you remember at which website you needed to enter your SIN?
I suspect that website didn't mark SIN input with autocomplete="off" or type="password" attribute, making browser think this is just a regular text input.