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search suggestions in address bar need to be better

Making moves

How is it possible that 3 out of 4 search terms match a bookmarks tag, but that it won't show up in search suggestions?

It won't even show up at the bottom of list of all of the search suggestions.

This is why I think that the search algorithm in 'Firefox Suggest' (address bar suggestions) should be improved to recognize multiple words even if the beginning of the search starts differently.

In my case, Firefox should have recognized that the terms 'bright light therapy lamp'

have the last 3 words in common with my bookmark  (TL 100 daylight therapy lamp).


Even such a simple search as 'bright light lamp' does not return a result.

Or: 'bright light therapy'

Or: 'brightlight therapy lamp' which is almost in the exact same order of words.



'daylight therapy'

'light lamp' (notice that in this instance Firefox is able to separate the word 'light' from the bookmark called: daylight therapy lamp)

and literally: 'beurer day light lamp' will return results here.


See screenshots:

search suggestions firefox.pngsearch suggestions firefox2.pngsearch suggestions firefox3.pngsearch suggestions firefox4.pngsearch suggestions firefox5.pngsearch suggestions firefox6.png